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You don’t always have to spend money to make money. If you want to launch a side gig to generate regular part-time income, or if you’re looking for some quick extra cash, there are websites that can help you do it.

Consider these top resources to make money online:

  • Upwork.com
  • Fiverr.com
  • Etsy.com
  • TaskRabbit.com
  • Wonder.com
  • ThredUp.com
  • Swap.com
  • Gazelle.com
  • CardSell.com
  • OfferUp.com
  • Neighbor.com
  • Merch by Amazon

Depending on whether you’re looking to earn extra money quickly or build a long-term income stream, each of the following websites offers unique advantages (and sometimes disadvantages) tailored to different needs and interests. Read on for more information on each site.


How it works: Upwork is essentially a meeting site where businesses and freelancers throughout the world can connect and collaborate on certain projects. Businesses hire freelancers for a variety of different services, including writing, web design, running SEO campaigns and pretty much any work that can be done on a computer.

Highlights: Upwork takes a commission from 5% to 20%, but the more money you make, the less the commission is.

Drawbacks: Upwork has been so successful that there is a lot of competition on the website, and that can be a real drawback for people who are new to the site, says Sacha Darosa, owner of a digital marketing agency in Toronto called The Shirtless Web Guy.

“Before I started my business in web design, I created profiles on websites such as Upwork. In the beginning it was a struggle to attract any attention from buyers on those platforms because there’s so much competition. And much of the competition was from overseas, which made it impossible for me to compete with others on price.”

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So Darosa lowered his prices and for a while, he was working for next to nothing. But …….

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