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A side hustle can increase your monthly income significantly with a time commitment of just a few hours a week. It can also support you with extra money when unexpected work circumstances arise.

“I started a YouTube channel in March of 2020 when COVID got real in the United States,” says David Dilworth, a Delta Airlines flight attendant. “I’m in the airline industry, so there was a lot of not knowing what would happen next.” Dilworth’s fitness-based YouTube channel now generates $3,000 a month and has a variety of revenue streams. It even makes him money while he’s in the air for his day job.

One in three Americans have a side hustle, according to a poll of 2,001 Americans commissioned by Zapier, a marketing automation company. If you’re curious about entrepreneurship, but want to take a financially sound approach, side hustles offer the best of both worlds and can put extra cash in your pocket.

Here are the side hustle ideas that are popular now, along with stories from people who are using them to make extra money every month.

Is it Possible to Earn More Money with a Side Hustle?

Not only is it possible to make extra money with a side hustle, but doing so can be a way to stay ahead of inflation and add an additional 10%, 20%, or 30% to your monthly income outside of your full-time job. Here are 18 popular income streams to consider.

Top 18 Side Hustles to Consider

  1. Rent out your car
  2. Become an online coach
  3. Build passive income with real estate
  4. Offer in-person services
  5. Start a YouTube channel
  6. Monetize your property on Airbnb
  7. Sell a product online
  8. Do freelance work
  9. Launch a paid newsletter or subscription
  10. Promote other brands and take a commission
  11. Lease out garages or yard space for storage
  12. Learn a new trade skill
  13. Tutor college and high school students
  14. Sublet your non-real estate assets
  15. Resell clothing that’s already in your closet
  16. Start a volume photography business
  17. Wash other people’s clothes
  18. Start an independent moving company

No. 1: Rent Out Your Car When It Isn’t in Use


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