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If we could go back to 1999 and tell parents that, if their child focuses on mastering video gaming then by the time they are in their 20’s, they could be earning millions of dollars. Of course, they would probably say we are crazy and slam the proverbial door in our faces. However, that is exactly what has happened, and has been for a few years too. Here we are going to look at 4 of the best ways to make money playing video games in 2021.

  1. YouTube Gaming and Monetising your Channel

YouTube has been around since 2005, however, it wasn’t until 2012 that it really started to take off by attracting 1 billion users around the world. Today, it has 2.5 billion users who together watch 1 billion hours of content per day. You can find channels on just about anything on YouTube. However, one type is particularly popular: gaming!

A YouTuber can create content about video games and upload it to their channel on YouTube’s platform. Of course, this content generates traffic and YouTube will pay the creator for the traffic.

If you are interested in getting started, do some research on what you need to get up and going. The beginning is easy – just create a channel and start thinking of content ideas.

Finding the right channel name can really make a creator stand-out, so it could be well worth using a YouTube name generator if you are having trouble thinking of a name.

  1. e-Sports Competitions

The eSports industry is worth over a billion dollars, but it is the rate it has been growing over the last 10 years that has some major companies sitting up and taking notice.

There are over 600 million spectators of eSports, making it one of the most viewed sports in the world.

An eSports competitor can live stream online through several platforms, but it is the rise of the worldwide tournaments where big bucks can be made.

As an idea of the sheer size of the prizes, DOTA 2 has over 1500 tournaments and pays out more than $235 million in prize money to its competitors. Johan “N0tail” Sundstein, a 27-year-old DOTA 2 professional from Denmark, has amassed a wealth of more than $7.5 million dollars through playing competitions.

  1. e-Sports Sponsorship Deals

Today, the eSports industry is actually worth closer to $2 billion, and because of this many industry powerhouses are deciding to invest their hard-earned cash into the sector, in particular, Red Bull, Dr Pepper, Comcast Xfinity, Intel and Mountain Dew. These companies will sponsor tournaments, but also they may sponsor players …….

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