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Since everything in GTA Online costs a good chunk of money, making wealth in the game is as much of a big deal as chasing the bad guys and evading the cops.

Contrary to common presumptions, making money doesn’t have to make for an arduous affair. GTA Online features an acquisitive game-world, a place where one’s social standing is measured by how many cars they own and how many assets they’ve invested in.

This article talks about 5 ways to quickly make money in GTA Online.

GTA Online: 5 simple ways for players to make money

5) Collectibles

Keeping an eye out for collectibles is a wonderful way to mint a load of cash in GTA Online. Peyote plants are currently hot in the community, given how rarely they are made available.

Players should take advantage of this opportunity and go plant-hunting. Not only is it fairly decent in terms of making money but it is also exceptionally fun.

4) CEO Jobs

GTA Online has been out for quite a while now so it’s safe to assume that most players already own the CEO office, which comes with a number of exclusive perks, including a bunch of jobs that pay the big bucks in exchange for small, extremely quick and easy tasks.

Participating in CEO jobs will allow the player to farm some extra GTA$$$ in the game while taking advantage of their well-earned title.

3) GTA Races

GTA Online Online features a number of incredibly entertaining and lucrative races, each more action-packed and fun in nature than the other. These races often involve sticking to defined boundaries while going as fast as possible. The winner usually wins a hefty reward and is awarded an honorable price at the end.

2) Paige’s Jobs

If one owns a Nightclub as well as the Terrorbyte in GTA Online, they will be able to participate in Paige’s exceptionally easy jobs. Not only do they pay extremely well, but they are also super engaging, allowing players to experience another diverse side of GTA Online.

1) Heists

Heists are by far the most profitable activities in GTA Online, not to mention the most fun. Stretched over a couple of missions, heists allow players to sketch out the entire plan of the robbery on their own, with some help here and there. They can carry it out with friends and fellow players.

Most Heists pay a great deal …….

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