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You may be able to offer in-person tutoring services to students in grade school, middle school, high school and college. 

Breaking into in-person tutoring doesn’t mean you can, or should, randomly show up to a school campus and start offering your services.

Jessica Schaid, the curriculum specialist at Ivy Camps USA, recommends starting small with tutoring at local high schools. According to Schaid, some schools will offer paid tutoring positions especially if they have programs like AVID which requires a tutoring component. College campuses may have job listings seeking tutors for specific subjects. Review the qualifications and determine if you can apply for the role. If you graduated from a specific university, reach out to your alma mater to inquire about tutoring opportunities. 

As you start teaching as a tutor, both online and in-person, be mindful of the way you market your skill sets. Share the subjects you specialize in, any certifications you may have, evidence of your scores (often useful for those who become test preparation or exam tutors) and reviews from satisfied clients.

Source: https://www.gobankingrates.com/money/jobs/5-ways-to-make-money-as-a-tutor-this-school-year/

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