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Ever since the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic, the daily lives of the people has halted. No one can go out for leisure, buy necessities, and even go to work.


The world seemed to pause, and as the threat of the virus became more dangerous, everything we do outside is banned. Many people lost their jobs, schools were forced to resume classes virtually, and many establishments closed. The damage of this pandemic struck hard in the working class, and many have to stay home. But even in these trying times, there are ways to earn money online. So, while you are locked indoors and waiting for this pandemic to end, you can make your pocket heavier by checking out these real ways to make money at home.

Start Dropshipping

Since the internet is the primary tool we use for everything these days, from schooling, online shopping, social, and working, the online world can help you start a small business for you to earn money. Did you ever want to be an online seller? Have you got a product in mind you want to sell, but you don’t have the storage space to do so? Dropshipping business is your option. How does this work? All you have to do is to make an e-commerce page for the item you want to sell. Every time you receive an order, you get your product from your drop shippers. These people are usually your wholesale retailers that own big warehouses for their products. You are a reseller when you enter this business. All you need to do is to set up a webpage, and you are open for business. It may seem easy to start dropshipping but remember that almost anyone can do this, and you may have a lot of competition. Nevertheless, this is one way on how to make money online.

Writing Service

Schooling is now in virtual mode. All tasks, discussions and requirements are done through the internet. The popularity of essay writing services has boomed ever since this shift in education happened. Aside from ordering your paper online, this is also a way to make money for students. These writing services hire writers or students who have experience in writing and pay them. If you are an undergraduate student, you can try and apply for essay writing websites. This job has flexible hours that can fit your schedule. You don’t have to cram between studying and taking orders from the platform. If you are looking to earn money for additional expenses, find a writing service that will need your talent. If you are looking to earn money for additional expenses, find a writing service that will need …….

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