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In an era where financial security seems elusive, having a flexible income source can transform your financial well-being. Thanks to technological advancement, the internet has evolved into a large marketplace with new opportunities, making it easier to make money online. Suppose you’re looking for a side hustle or a flexible way to earn extra income. In that case, you might be curious about the best websites to make money online. 

While too many websites pay you for tasks like completing surveys or more skilled activities such as blogging, identifying the best ones to maximize your earnings can be challenging. Benzinga explores the top-paying websites to make money online, whether you’re seeking a full-time job, a side hustle or just looking to earn extra cash.

Quick Look: Best Websites to Make Money Online

  • Best for Low Cashout Thresholds and Comprehensive Bonuses: FreeCash
  • Best for Variety of Earning Methods: Swagbucks
  • Best for Earning Via Shopping Cashback Rewards: InboxDollars
  • Best for Maximizing Earnings Across Multiple Platforms: Beermoney
  • Best for High Earning Surveys: Survey Junkie
  • Best for Micro Jobs and Gigs: Fiverr
  • Best for General Services or Simple Jobs: TaskRabbit
  • Best for Diverse and Skilled Freelance Services: Upwork

8 Best Websites to Make Money Online

If you’ve been thinking about how to make money online lately, here are the eight best websites you can quickly sign up on to start earning. 

1. Best For Low Cashout Thresholds and Comprehensive Bonuses: FreeCash

FreeCash is a robust GPT or reward site offering users various ways to earn money online. From completing surveys and trying out new products to playing games and watching videos, you can accumulate coins to redeem for gift cards, cryptocurrency, gaming skins or cash via PayPal and bank transfer. Depending on your dedication, you can earn up to $18 daily, and the platform has the lowest withdrawal threshold with as little as $0.25 for crypto. However, for cash withdrawals via PayPal and bank transfer, the minimum is $5. 

Another lucrative earning option on FreeCash is via bonuses. For instance, you can earn up to a $250 signup bonus (typically between $0.05 – $250) and up to 30% (starting at 5%) referral bonuses by inviting friends and family members to join. You can earn via daily bonus ladder, tutorial rewards, daily and monthly leaderboard bonuses or rewards, streak rewards and more. 

  • Comprehensive earning opportunities comprising multiple tasks and bonuses
  • Intuitive and user-friendly mobile app for on-the-go access 
  • High payout with low minimum cash-out
  • Multiple payout options for flexibility 
  • Live chat features enhance community-oriented interaction between members 
  • A 5% charge is applicable for cash payout
  • New members must hit $2 to cash out

2. Best for Variety of Earning Methods: Swagbucks

Swagbucks is possibly the most popular website for earning money online, thanks to its diverse earning opportunities. Besides completing surveys, playing games and watching videos, you can make extra income from the platform in many other ways. For instance, booking discount travel, dining out in its partner restaurant,  surfing the internet via its Yahoo-powered search engine, using the SwagButton and scanning your supermarket receipts with the Magic Receipt.

However, what sets Swagbucks apart is its extensive shopping rewards program, offering coupons, promo codes, deals and cashback from over 1,500 retailers, including major ones like Amazon, Walmart, Target and more. When you complete a task, Swagbucks awards you Swagbucks Points (SBs), which you can instantly cash out via PayPal or gift cards upon reaching the $3 (300SBs) minimum withdrawal threshold or $1 leveraging the $1 Amazon gift card option. Swagbucks also offers bonuses, including a $10 signup bonus and a 10% lifetime referral bonus when you invite friends and family to join via your referral link. 

  • Flexible and lucrative earning opportunities Streamlined access to in-store cashback
  • Sleek and intuitive mobile app for easy access and task completion on the go
  • Clean and user-friendly web and mobile interface for seamless navigation
  • Attractive signup bonus — $10
  • Excellent and competitive referral bonus — 10%
  • Low cashout minimum — as low as $1 via the $1 Amazon gift card option 
  • Limited cashout option — only PayPal and gift cards
  • Some of the tasks are limited

3. Best for Earning Via Shopping Cashback Rewards: InboxDollars

If you seek a slight variation from FreeCash and Swagbucks, InboxDollars is your perfect option. The platform offers various lucrative opportunities that make earning money online fun and exciting. You can choose whether to take surveys, shop online, play games, watch videos, read emails or redeem digital coupons in return for cash. Like Swagbucks, InboxDollars offers impressive cashback for shopping at its partner retailers, including Best Buy, Sephora, Home Depot and eBay. You can also earn by scanning and uploading your shopping receipt via its Magic Receipt and adding its cashback browser extension — the Billy Button. 

Unlike its peers, InboxDollars rewards you in dollars or cents, not points, so you can quickly tell when you’re nearing its $15 minimum cashout or access your earning progress. The platform offers a $5 signup bonus and a 10% lifetime referral bonus when you invite family and friends. Other ways to earn on InboxDollars are completing a daily to-do list, using WinIt code and Scratch and Win (a digital lottery ticket with a random reward). You can follow the platform on social media to stay updated with promos and contests and learn valuable tips on winning prizes, securing freebies and maximizing earnings. 

  • Attractive and diverse earning opportunities, including digital couponing and paid email
  • Lucrative referral bonus — you earn $3 once your referral makes their first $3 and then 10% of their earnings subsequently 
  • Earn cash (dollars or cents), not points
  • Flexible cash-out options — PayPal, gift card and prepaid visa
  • High cash-out threshold — $15

4. Best For Maximizing Earnings Across Multiple Platforms: Beermoney

  • securely through Beermoney’s website

    Best For:

    Flexible Approach to Making Money Online

One efficient way to maximize your online earnings on micro-task websites is by signing up on multiple platforms. Unfortunately, juggling tasks from different platforms can be inconvenient. That’s why you must consider Beermoney — an innovative application that aims to streamline your ability to work on multiple GPT or micro-task platforms. Beermoney connects or integrates your favorite micro-task or reward sites in a centralized portal to enhance your efficiency in task completion across them and optimize your earnings. 

With Beermoney, you can simultaneously undertake up to 1,000 tasks aggregated across your favorite reward websites or apps — more tasks mean more bucks in your pocket. The platform boasts features like the Queue that lets you reserve jobs for when you’re ready and the Catcher that automatically adds jobs of your specifications to your Queue, thereby streamlining job search. You can filter jobs for pricing, time to finish and more for enhanced productivity. 

  • All-in micro-task aggregator that turbocharges your extra income earnings by up to 500%It boasts multiple features like the Queue and Catcher that enhance your productivity
  • Seamlessly synchronize with your mobile device and PCs
  • Offers freemium as well as paid plans to suit users with diverse financial needs
  • The paid plan is affordable at $4.49
  • Currently supports only a handful of micro-tasks platforms, including Amazon Mechanical Turks, microWorker and RapidWorker — Swagbucks, FreeCash and other popular GPT platforms are noticeably missing 
  • The Catcher feature is limited to 100 reserves for the freemium plan

5. Best for High Earning Surveys: Survey Junkie

Online survey platforms can be an excellent way to earn extra cash. While they don’t offer multiple earning opportunities like Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites, survey platforms are straightforward, involving only paid surveys. This makes them the best way to make money online if you have limited time. Survey Junkie is the most popular paid survey site and the best choice if you’re seeking to earn high via surveys. The platform has a robust database of surveys, meaning you’ll always have a survey task to complete and earn points (100 points = $1). 

You can join its core community for attitudinal market research, where you get rewarded by completing regular surveys or participate in its Pulse community for behavioral market research to earn higher earnings by sharing your digital activities and other related data. You can make between $1 and $5  (100 points – 500 points) per hour depending on your commitment. You can redeem your points for gift cards or cash via PayPal and bank transfer once you reach the threshold of 500 points ($5). Additional earning opportunities include signup bonuses, monthly promos and referral bonuses. 

  • Clean, user-friendly and easily accessible website
  • Robust and extensive survey databases mean there are always tasks available
  • Multiple cash-out options 
  • Limited earning opportunities 
  • No mobile appYou
  • You may not always qualify as the offers are based on your demographic

6. Best For Micro Jobs and Gigs: Fiverr

Fiverr is an international freelance marketplace where you can offer your skills as gigs for buyers to purchase. It is one of the most popular global online marketplaces to make money if you possess writing, graphic design, programming or marketing skills. To start selling your services or make money on Fiverr, sign up for an account and create detailed gigs showcasing your core skills. You can set your pricing based on your expertise in the advertised skills, with a minimum price of $5. 

Buyers interested in your services or skills will ask questions and, if satisfied with your answers, will place orders. Upon delivering the service; Fiverr will pay you within two weeks. Therefore, the platform acts as a middleman, guaranteeing that you and your clients are happy with the result. With numerous job opportunities, you can quickly find clients who offer daily payments, ensuring a steady income stream.

  • Clean and easy-to-use website and intuitive mobile app 
  • Fantastic earning opportunities — you can undertake multiple gigs at once
  • Offers option for an early payout
  • Allows you to create customized gigs
  • Requires a skill test for specific disciplines to boost buyer trust
  • It could motivate you to challenge yourself and broaden your skills  
  • Fiverr takes a 20% cut from your earnings 
  • It might be hard getting a gig, especially if you’re a beginner 
  • You can only contact your client via Fiverr; this may diminish your marketing ability 

7. Best for General Services or Simple Jobs: TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is another popular website where you can quickly sign up to earn extra cash by offering general services to individuals or businesses in or outside your local area. These services range from home cleaning to heavy lifting, home repairs, furniture assembly, personal assistance, running errands and more. To become a Tasker, complete the platform’s signup process and pay the $25 registration fee. Following that, you will be asked to provide the geographical areas you work in and showcase your skills, allowing potential clients to evaluate your suitability for their tasks and hire you. 

You can set your TaskRabbit rates and schedule according to your availability and preferences. Like most platforms, building a good reputation on TaskRabbit is essential if you hope to land jobs regularly and charge more for your services. The reason is that clients leave reviews on your profile, which other potential clients can view. To build a presence on the platform, consider starting with in-demand tasks like cleaning, especially if jobs in your specific skill set are inconsistent. While TaskRabbit is ideal for side hustle or stop-gap between employment, you can also earn a full-time income. However, this would involve working many hours over a wide area.

  • Flexible jobs that perfectly suit your schedule 
  • Straightforward signup
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use mobile app for on-the-go access
  • You can build a decent client network over time
  • Access to diverse jobs across industries 
  • You can earn big depending on your skills
  • Too much competition for available jobs
  • Limited location — only available in a few cities 
  • It isn’t easy to build a consistent schedule
  • Little control over the job you get

8. Best for Diverse and Skilled Freelance Services: Upwork

Upwork is another popular international freelance platform where you can readily earn substantial money selling your skills. Many high-skilled freelancers with on-demand skills, such as software development, digital marketing, copywriting and graphic designing, earn thousands monthly and make a living off Upwork. However, your earnings for a specific job will often depend on the proposed budget of your potential client. Unlike Fiverr, where you list your services and wait for orders, Upwork lets you proactively bid or apply for posted jobs matching your skills and qualifications. 

With Upwork’s global network of clients from small businesses and mega-corporations, it’s easy to land a high-paying job or build a successful freelance career if you have the right skills. The best part is that Upwork lets you define your schedule, set your rates and select the projects you want to work on, which makes for flexibility. Remember, though, reputation matters on Upwork just like in other freelance marketplaces. Therefore, always deliver high-quality jobs so clients can leave a positive review on your profile, which will boost your credibility and land you more gigs.

  • A wide array of projects across diverse industries means high-earning opportunities
  • Finding freelance gigs and potential clients is straightforward if you have the right skills
  • Higher paying opportunities than other marketplaces
  • Access to global client networks can help expand your professional network, exposing you to diverse perspectives and work styles
  • Flexibility and autonomy — you set your schedule and rates
  • The opportunity to proactively bid for jobs, market and self-promote yourself increases success
  • You need to buy ‘connect’ to bid or apply for jobs
  • Upwork takes up to a 20% cut, depending on your earnings 
  • Landing your first client can take time and effort
  • Most clients have a lower budget.

Defining Websites Where You Make Money 

Money-making websites (websites where you make money) are online platforms that provide you with opportunities to earn extra cash or full income. These websites encompass various models, including Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites, survey sites and gig and freelance marketplaces, offering flexibility in choosing how you want to generate income. GPT sites typically reward you with points that can be redeemed as gift cards or cash for simple everyday tasks such as completing surveys, online shopping, playing games, watching videos and more. 

However, remember a few GPT sites reward you directly with cash. Survey sites operate similarly to GPT sites but exclusively offer surveys, making them a straightforward approach to earning micro-income. The inherent characteristics of GPT and survey platforms are that the available tasks require zero skills, and the earnings are low — they’re micro-income earning platforms. Examples include FreeCash, Swagbucks, InboxDollars and Survey Junkie.

In contrast, gig and freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork offer tasks that require well-defined and professional expertise, e.g., programming, digital marketing, copyrighting, web development and more. They serve as virtual marketplaces, connecting users with opportunities to monetize their skills, time or resources. Overall, exploring these websites can empower you to navigate the digital landscape for financial gain and discover avenues that align with your preferences and abilities.

How Benzinga Chose These Websites

In selecting the best website to make money online, Benzinga prioritized those sites with great accessibility, user-friendliness and openness to individuals seeking various types of work. While these websites are categorized as apps online, they can still be easily accessed and utilized on a computer, providing flexibility for users who prefer this platform. Benzinga prioritizes platforms that are open to a diverse range of users and offer a straightforward experience.

How to Choose a Website to Make Money Online

Here are some factors or questions to ask when choosing a website to make money online 

Does the website have a quality user interface?

A well-designed interface ensures you can quickly locate tasks, track your earnings and access essential features, saving you time and frustration. It streamlines navigation and efficient task completion. Overall, choosing a website with a quality user interface contributes to a positive user experience, making your online money-making endeavors more enjoyable and productive.

Does the site always have new reward opportunities?

Regularly updated reward opportunities are essential to keep your income stream steady and engaging. Websites that consistently offer new tasks, surveys or gigs provide users with various options to earn money, preventing monotony and ensuring continuous opportunities for income generation. This dynamic approach keeps you motivated, allowing you to explore different avenues for maximizing your earnings.

Can you easily redeem your rewards?

The ease of redeeming rewards is crucial for a seamless and satisfying user experience. Websites with straightforward redemption processes ensure you can quickly access the benefits of your efforts, enhancing overall satisfaction. Complicated redemption procedures can be discouraging and may deter you from thoroughly enjoying the fruits of your online endeavors.

Does the site offer cash, rewards or both?

The availability of both cash and rewards provides you with versatile options earning options. Sometimes, you may prefer direct cash for its immediate utility; at other times, you may find rewards like gift cards or merchandise appealing. A platform offering a combination of cash and rewards will cater to your changing needs, enhancing its attractiveness.

Does the site offer referral bonuses and extra challenges?

Referral bonuses and extra challenges on a website can significantly boost your earnings. Referral bonuses provide an additional income stream by rewarding you for bringing in new members. Extra challenges add an element of engagement and motivation, making the platform more dynamic and encouraging you to participate actively for increased rewards. Benzinga’s best websites to make money online include those offering both referral bonuses and extra challenge rewards.

Can you communicate directly with clients?

Direct communication with clients is crucial for clarifying project details, understanding client expectations and building a rapport. It allows for efficient collaboration, reduces misunderstandings and ensures that the work meets the client’s requirements. This direct interaction fosters a more personalized and effective working relationship, leading to better outcomes for both parties. Websites like FreeCash, Fiverr and Upwork let you communicate directly with the clients. 

Does the site offer regular payouts?

Regular payouts are essential for maintaining financial stability and meeting immediate needs. They provide a predictable income stream, enabling you to plan your finances effectively and cover ongoing expenses. Consistent and timely payments contribute to a positive user experience, fostering trust and satisfaction with your chosen money-making website.

Is the site free to use?

A free-to-use website eliminates upfront costs and financial barriers, making it accessible to a broader audience. This inclusivity enables individuals from diverse financial backgrounds to explore money-making opportunities without the burden of initial expenses, fostering equal access to online income-generation platforms. Except for TaskRabbit, all of Benzinga’s best websites to make money online are free to use.

Find Quality Websites to Make Money

Finding quality websites to make money is crucial for ensuring a reliable and secure online income stream. Reputable platforms offer legitimate opportunities and create a dependable environment for financial transactions and task completion, enhancing your online earning experience. Benzinga’s best websites to make money online provide you with ample choices to start making money online today.

Frequently Asked Questions


You can make $100 on freelance platforms like Upwork and TaskRabbit if you have the right skills.



Freelance platforms like Upwork offer you the highest-paying opportunities if you have the requisite skills.



Gigs and freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork and TaskRabbit pay you real money.

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