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He shook his head. He felt so foolish and so badly shaken. And he hoped to God he hadn’t hurt her feelings

What’s it like. Lasher, to be lost in the flesh and to have the whole world looking for you? Like being a needle in a haystack, instead of such a powerful ghost? In this day and age, they find needles in haystacks. And you are a bit more like the family emerald, lost in a box of jewels. Not so hard to see you, snatch you, snare you, keep you, the way no one could have ever done when you were Julien’s daemon or fiend.

I told you, we can’t make a baby, she said.It just won’t work.

Only then could she move. The music was little and tiny and thumping on her brain, kind of like a fish splashing in a tiny pool, trying to get bigger. It was grating, but it didn’t engulf her.

He stopped at the door of the bedroom. All was as he had left it. Hamilton reading. The nurse with her chart. The candles giving off the sweet good odor of expensive wax, and the shadow of the Virgin’s statue dancing behind them, the shiver of the shadow thrown across Rowan’s face and giving it a false life.

He went back in to take up the vigil as before. Rowan, my Rowan.

She must have been a beautiful woman, said the nurse, shaking her head.

Come on, honey.

Oh, must be a little water, said the nurse, pressing a dry wash cloth to Rowan’s breast.I was wiping her face and moistening her lips. Do you want me to massage her now, just move her arms, keep them flexible?

And then he thought of that shining spirit,the man whom he had once seen behind the crib at Christmas, and staring at him in the garden below. He thought of that radiant countenance.

He awoke with a start. The nurse was lifting Rowan’s right leg, carefully, gently, smoothing the lotion over the skin. Look how thin, how worn.This will keep her from getting drop foot. We have to do it regularly. You want to remind the others. I’ll write it on the chart.

It was going to be fun working withlaw enforcement agencies, trying to keep all this secret. Ah, Lord, would the papers have a field …….

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