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The average per capita spend on fashion in the UAE is estimated at $500 by McKinsey.
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Hosting a livestreaming shopping event from your kitchen table sounds like an easy way to make some extra money. And the popularity of these home-grown, live shopping shows has exploded globally.

The entertainment value of seeing neighbours hawking handmade jewellery, home decor, antiques or flea market finds keeps potential buyers hooked.

What is live shopping?

Shopping habits have undergone tremendous evolution especially with the surge in e-commerce options. So, what is live shopping and how does it work in the age of digital channels and social media?

The idea is very similar to the teleshopping channels, where a presenter speaks about different products giving detailed descriptions, showcasing its features and explaining its pricing, where viewers interested in buying the product can simply pick up the phone and call the channel to make the purchase.

The main difference now is that the medium isn’t the television anymore and is the smartphone instead; the communication is two-way and interactive; and the hosts are social media influencers. According to statistics, live shopping generated $60 billion (Dh235 billion) in global sales a year earlier.

Home-based boutiques are a trend now

Selling women’s clothing and accessories, including purses, on live-streaming shopping events at global online platforms, is currently a rapidly growing trend worldwide.

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Many have converted their living room and dining room into a boutique space, hosting live events maybe two to three times per week. All the while building his or her online network on social media.

One particular social media group has grown to over 15,000 members and serves as a platform for about 300 Live sellers to help buyers in the span of over five years.

On that group, some people just post items for sale, but the vast majority of them do one-hour Lives. Sellers are scheduled in fixed time slots each week, just like a TV show.

Many of those who have made money through this are shooting for a 24-hour-a-day livestreaming service. Most of them also receive a small fee and provide training to the sellers on how to build viewership and increase sales.

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So how does online shopping work in the UAE?

The live shopping events, usually 45-60 minutes in length, currently take place on online store platforms using live streaming. An influencer or a company expert introduces the products and consumers have the opportunity to add them directly to their shopping …….


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