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Looking to make money fast in Forza Horizon 5? Our ‘get rich quick’ credits guide is here to help.

Forza Horizon 5 is back with a massive cars list, loads of Barn Finds to check out, and thankfully for drivers everywhere a load of ways to make cash.

The new Mexico map spans across an enormous area of land, with Horizon Festival destinations available for setup at multiple locations. With so many different types of terrain, your vehicle collection’s need for flexibility has never been greater.

To buy the best cars, though, you’re going to need to make money – and a lot of it. However, there are a number of ways to ensure that process runs as easily as possible.

Car trading


Buying cars cheap is a good way to expand your collection, but also to make easy money.

Selling cars you collect along the way in Forza Horizon 5, using the Auction House, is an easy way to earn good money in a short space of time. Have in mind, though, that if you’ve received a car as part of the missions, so too will many of your fellow Forza players.

Buying cheap auctioned cars online and selling them for a profit, however, is a recipe for success.

Forza Hub App rewards


The Forza hub can grant players new cars for free, as well as additional credits.

Simply logging into the Forza Hub app on a regular basis will give you access to regular loyalty rewards – and these are usually credits. You can download the application here.

Prizes range in value, but it’s not uncommon to be granted 150,000 credits at a time. That’s enough for a car (or vehicle upgrades) straight off the bat.

Lucky Wheelspins

Just like the Lucky Wheel in GTA Online, the Forza Horizon 5 Lucky Wheelspin can be an easy way to obtain an amazing set of wheels or a bunch of cash. In each scenario, you’re going to be quids-in.

How to get Forza Horizon 5 Lucky Wheelspins

If you want to get a Lucky Wheelspin in Forza Horizon 5, you can do this by purchasing high-end properties, completing races, and progressing through each season of festivals with successful performances.

These Lucky Wheelspins will be granted every so often, and they’re really good for getting either free credits or new vehicles.

Winning races

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