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How To Make Money From Old Paper Currencies and Coins: If you like collecting old currency notes, then you are in for a treat. Many buyers who are avid collectors of old currency notes and coins are willing to pay a hefty sum of money for some rare old currencies. 

You would be surprised to know that a 1 rupee note or a 5-rupee coin can earn you not thousands but lakhs. 

You can become a millionaire in no amount of time if you know the right way to sell your old currencies. 

What Old Notes and Coins To Sell?

If you have any coins or notes with the number 786 printed on them, you can sell them for lakhs. You can also sell 10-paisa coins which were the first coins released after independence. These 10-paisa coins can be sold for 1000 rupees or more. Special edition notes and coins are also in high demand. Old is gold because the older your currency is, the more price it will fetch you. 



How To Sell Old Currency Notes and Coins Online?

There are a number of platforms available online that are involved in the selling and buying of old currencies. Olx and eBay are two of the most trusted platforms to sell and/or buy old currency notes and coins. 

All you have to do is make an account on either of these platforms. If you already have an account, all you need to do is log into your account. 

After you have signed up/logged in, you need to create an online listing. For this, you need to click and upload an image of the currency you want to sell, add a few lines of description, and decide how much you want to sell your currency for. 

Once you are done and dusted with the above steps, your listing will become active and visible to potential buyers. 

Interested buyers will contact you either via the platforms’ in-built messaging service or can contact you directly through your phone number. 

Negotiate with them if you like, sell your currencies, and voila, you have made money by selling money. 

Important Note: Whether you are a buyer or a seller, look out for fraudsters and scammers. Only sell/buy from those who are legitimate.


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