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Maybe you roll your eyes at the influencers on Instagram, but there’s no denying that social media is a great place to find useful information as a parent, find and build community, and even monetize your content to create a lucrative side hustle. Instagram is full of content creators who are parents, sharing all the big and little moments of parenthood, launching their own businesses, and offering tips to fellow parents. In fact, a recent study found that parents are twice as likely as non-parents to start a side hustle—and why not make it a social side hustle?

Especially during the pandemic, parents found themselves needing to find additional streams of income due to job loss and financial uncertainty. “Many parents, like myself, had additional stressors when it came to providing for our kids due to layoffs and new childcare expenses,” Toni Rogers, a content creator on Instagram, tells Parents. “So, like many parents, I needed a way to supplement my income that was not a traditional part-time job.”

Rogers was furloughed from her job as a teacher during the pandemic. “Monetizing my Instagram was a new concept to me, and after doing a little research I quickly learned the benefits of being a producer and not just a consumer on social media,” she explains. Rogers now is now a plus-size influencer and model on Instagram, and has found success offering services such as creative directing and social media management. Inspired? Here are ways you can make money on Instagram, too—you never know where it could lead.

Sell your own products or services on Instagram.

One easy way to make money on Instagram as a parent is to sell a product or a service. This could be something that you’re good at making, and you could use Instagram to help spread the word about your business. You can have people people message you on Instagram if they’re interested in buying, or link to an online store in your bio. “If you make anything, like candles or jewelry, simply post them and let people know that they are available for purchase,” says Minna Khounlo-Sithep, mom of two and co-founder of The Product Boss, small business coaching platform and top podcast. Khounlo-Sithep says to make sure your Instagram page is public so it can be found by people and your followers can share your posts to help get the word out more about your products. You could also offer a service such as coaching on a topic you’re an expert on that could help other parents, such as budgeting, organizing, parenting tips, or freelance writing services. Again, …….


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