How to Make Money on Twitch: The Complete Guide – GOBankingRates

How to Make Money on Twitch: The Complete Guide – GOBankingRates

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Twitch, acquired by Amazon in 2014, is one of the world’s leading livestreaming platforms. It’s also an excellent way to earn an income from streaming content. Like on YouTube, you’ll find creators steaming various types of content on Twitch, including gaming, music, art, sports and food.

While you might not become a millionaire on Twitch, you can make decent money, and you don’t need to build a large audience to start earning. Here is how to make money on Twitch, whether you’re an avid gamer, guitarist, food critic or another type of creator.

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Twitch Creator Levels

Everyone who joins Twitch is considered a Creator. As you build an audience and reach specific achievements, you can achieve additional Twitch levels that can increase your income potential.


You can begin streaming and earning as soon as you join Twitch, although you probably won’t make much as a Streamer. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much work to meet the requirements to advance to becoming a Twitch Affiliate. The Affiliate level is where you can really increase your earning potential.  


At the Affiliate level, you can begin making money with three Twitch Affiliate features: subscriptions, Twitch bits and ad revenue. To earn Affiliate status, you have to achieve the following:

  • Have 50+ followers
  • Broadcast a total of eight hours over a 30-day period across seven unique days
  • Have an average of three or more viewers per stream


To become eligible to apply for the Partner Program, you don’t need more followers than the 50+ that helped you become an Affiliate. Still, you do need to meet the following other requirements:

  • Broadcast a total of 25 hours over a 30-day period across 12 unique days
  • Have an average of 75 or more viewers per stream

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A Twitch Affiliate who meets all requirements to become a Partner must apply to join the Partner Program. Not everyone is accepted. Twitch Partners do not get any additional earning features, but they can get more exposure, which means more revenue.

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