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Evangeline looked at him. “Another implant?”

And perhaps someday she’d be able to make a fresh start with him in the underground, safe from her father’s reach. She smiled tightly. She had so much to live for now. Finlay, the underground, and perhaps someday a chance for revenge-

“My name is Hood,” said the tall man with no face. “I advise.”

Finlay decided to let Evangeline do all the talking. He put on a respectful face while she talked to the leaders and carefully kept his hands away from his sword and gun. He looked across at the few relatively normal-looking people in the chamber with him, and moved over to join them, bowing respectfully.

“Don’t worry,” said Evangeline quietly beside him. “Everyone does that the first time they see the leaders.”

“How angry is he likely to be?” said Finlay.

“How angry is he likely to be?” said Finlay.

“I am an outlaw now,” said Finlay. “That means they have to take me, doesn’t it?”

They stood comfortably, companionably together as the elevator sank into the depths. The doors finally opened out onto the subcellar, a dark and dank empty concrete box littered with junk. Evangeline led Finlay to another hidden door, and they made their way through narrow tunnels into the undercity, the interconnecting subsystems where the underground had dominion. Evangeline usually felt a surge of freedom and pleasure on the downward journey, as she left her Family self and obligations behind her, but it was muted this time. For all her brave words, she knew she’d have to return to Tower Shreck at least once more, to keep her promise to her father. If she didn’t, if she just hid herself away in the subsystems forever, as she wanted, he’d take an awful revenge on Adrienne and Robert and all the lesser Campbells he could reach. She’d seen his rages before. No one ever crossed the Shreck and got away with it. And it wasn’t such a hard price to pay. She’d paid it often enough before. The first time, she’d thought she’d kill herself, but she didn’t. She wasn’t that strong. Finlay must never know. For his own good.

“Don’t worry,” said Evangeline quietly beside him. “Everyone does that the first time they see the leaders.”

And then the esper leaders appeared suddenly in the chamber before him, and for a moment his poise vanished as he stared with …….


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