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Being a stay-at-home mom presents many challenges. Balancing household duties with childcare responsibilities can make the days pass quickly.

Fortunately, there are more opportunities than ever for stay-at-home moms to earn money, especially through flexible online work. These opportunities allow moms to earn during moments of downtime, like when the kids are at school or asleep.

The landscape of flexible employment is expanding across various industries, with a projected 8% increase in self-employed workers in the U.S. by 2026, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Whether you’re looking for extra income or a steady paycheck, there are ways to leverage your skills and resources to earn money from home.

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20 Side Hustle Ideas for Stay-at-Home Moms

There are numerous opportunities to market your skills and time independently if you want to start a side hustle and earn extra income without feeling overwhelmed.

1. Taking Online Surveys

Stay-at-home moms have the opportunity to earn extra income by participating in online surveys. Many websites provide surveys where you can express your opinions and receive rewards like gift cards or cash.

This is a convenient way for moms, particularly beginners, to make money online, as the signup process is straightforward, and surveys can be started quickly. The time it takes to receive payouts varies depending on the survey platform and your level of engagement. It’s important to note that some sites may have a minimum earnings requirement for cashing out.

Survey Junkie is a top market research platform that connects moms with companies interested in consumer feedback. By signing up and participating in surveys, you can earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards or cash through PayPal. Survey Junkie makes it easy for stay-at-home moms to share their opinions on various products and services.

Other excellent platforms like Branded Surveys, KashKick, and InboxDollars also offer opportunities for stay-at-home moms to earn rewards through online activities like surveys and more. Branded Surveys partners with brands to gather consumer insights and offers points that can be exchanged for gift cards or cash.

KashKick focuses on providing a user-friendly experience and rewards moms with cash for completing tasks. InboxDollars offers various earning opportunities, including surveys, watching videos, playing games, and reading emails, with cash rewards that can be redeemed for gift cards or PayPal cash. Join these platforms from home and transform your opinions into valuable rewards!

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2. Sell or Resell items

If you excel at spotting bargains in thrift stores and yard sales, consider leveraging your talent by starting a resale business from home using eBay. Establish a seller page, list your vintage discoveries for sale, and communicate with buyers online.

Alternatively, explore other platforms like BookScouter for selling used books, Poshmark or thredUP for selling clothing, including baby and kids’ clothes, and Gazelle for selling old electronic devices.

3. Get Crafty

If you’re creatively inclined, consider earning extra income by crafting items you enjoy making, such as jewelry, aprons, candles, or baby blankets. Etsy, an online marketplace, provides a platform for showcasing homemade creations. You’ll pay a small fee to list each item and another fee for each sale. Setting up an online merchant account enables you to receive payments via PayPal. With nearly 91 million active buyers, Etsy offers a great opportunity to attract followers for your craft.

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4. Rent Your Car or Home

The “sharing economy” involves renting or borrowing goods and services, offering stay-at-home moms another way to generate income. You can transform your home into a short-term rental or bed and breakfast using platforms like Airbnb or VRBO, particularly if you reside in a popular tourist spot. Additionally, renting out your car through services like TURO can be a profitable option if you have a spare vehicle.

5. Pet Sit

If you enjoy being around animals, consider dog walking or pet sitting as potential career options. You can get verified to walk dogs, care for them in your home, or house-sit for them through platforms like Rover. If you prefer cats, you can offer cat-sitting services via Meowtel.

6. Help out With Chores

Help others with various tasks and get paid for it. You can earn money by doing errands, assembling furniture, or tidying up through platforms like TaskRabbit. Additionally, you can work as a grocery shopper for Instacart or Mercato to assist with shopping tasks.

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7. Start a Blog

If you have expertise in areas like sewing, cooking, gardening, or parenting, consider sharing your knowledge through blogging. Many websites seek content, providing opportunities for passionate individuals with writing skills.

Understanding platforms like WordPress is beneficial, and platforms like Freelance Writing Jobs and ProBlogger Jobs can help you find opportunities. Rates for bloggers vary, and starting with unpaid work to build a portfolio may be necessary.

Keep in mind that monetizing a personal blog often takes time, with many bloggers relying on affiliate marketing or paid placements to earn income.

8. Become a Digital Marketer

Utilize your marketing skills to assist small businesses in promoting themselves. They often seek affordable solutions and may need more money from large marketing agencies. Freelance marketing tasks such as website updates, newsletter writing, and social media management can be done from home, allowing flexibility in workload.

Platforms like Upwork can help you find clients, or you can reach out to local businesses directly. Rates are usually determined by factors like experience, project size, and work complexity.

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9. Try Virtual Assisting

If you excel at organizing, consider becoming a virtual administrative assistant. This role is prevalent across various industries such as law, real estate, accounting, entertainment, and IT. Typically, assistants work on a contract or part-time basis, offering flexibility in scheduling.

Tasks may include document typing and review, research, report creation, handling phone calls or emails, and managing schedules or travel plans. Look for opportunities on platforms like LinkedIn and Upwork.

10. Tutor

If you’re knowledgeable in a particular subject or have a passion for teaching, tutoring can be a fulfilling way to supplement your income and engage with others. While prior teaching experience is advantageous, it’s often optional if you demonstrate expertise in your chosen area.

Joining a tutoring company can streamline the process by eliminating the need for self-promotion and client outreach, allowing for a flexible schedule and the potential for virtual tutoring.

11. Write as a Freelancer

Freelance writers create content for various platforms, including magazines, websites, and corporate clients. They may produce articles, promotional materials, and newsletters for brands and marketers. While it takes time to establish a client base through networking, specializing in a niche can lead to a sustainable freelance writing career.

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12. “FLIP” Used Items

Initially seen as more of a pastime than a profession, flea-market flipping has proven to be a lucrative venture where individuals can earn substantial incomes by buying and reselling secondhand items. It’s recognized that success in this field demands considerable effort, despite the term “just” being used.

To excel in this field, particularly for a stay-at-home mom, it’s acknowledged that one must be willing to frequent thrift stores and flea markets actively. While it’s mentioned that valuable items can also be found on eBay, the emphasis is on the idea that lucrative deals need to be stumbled upon from the comfort of one’s home.

13. Be an English Teacher Online

If you possess a neutral English accent, hold a bachelor’s degree in any field, and are interested in teaching, this opportunity might suit you well. Typically, this role involves instructing English to children in China and often offers competitive compensation.

Numerous companies accept applications for this role. Applying to multiple companies can enhance your chances of securing employment. Some reputable organizations to consider include VIPKID, gogokid, HAWO, and EF Education First.

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14. Start a Day Home

Not every mom opts to become a stay-at-home parent who works. Some mothers prefer working outside the home and seek reliable childcare options for their children during the day.

Many women are willing to pay well for trustworthy childcare services. If you’re a mom, you likely already have toys and a safe environment for kids to play in, and you’re accustomed to feeding them. Why not leverage these skills to earn money from home?

15. Become a Proofreader

If you excel in written English and seek a flexible job, consider an inexpensive course that teaches this skill efficiently.

Similar to blogging or writing assistance, this career option suits stay-at-home moms well, offering flexible hours and workload control.

16. Sell Recipes and Photos of the Food You Cook

Interestingly, there’s a market where people are willing to pay a fair amount for photos and recipes. For instance, $45 was paid for jalapeño popper images and recipes. This practice, known as semi-exclusive content, lets creators earn $250-300 per recipe created and photographed while enjoying the food.

It’s not just food-related; there’s demand for various content types like crafts and home DIY projects, anything needing unique images. The speaker mentions a Facebook group where people sell such content, suggesting it as a source of work-from-home ideas.

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17. Search Engine Evaluator

In the role of a search engine evaluator, you’ll assist search engines in understanding user online searches. It’s a good way to earn extra money with flexible scheduling. These positions are usually project-based, so you’ll need to seek out opportunities actively. Companies like Appen and Lionbridge offer these roles, paying between $12-$14 per hour.

18. Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors collaborate with companies to advertise their products and services on social media. According to ZipRecruiter, the average pay for a brand ambassador is around $18 per hour or $38,146 per year.

19. Write Online Dating Profiles

You enjoy long walks on the beach, doing the Sunday crossword, and earning extra money for your witty, charming voice, right? Well, online profile writing offers just that. 

Sign up with a reputable agency to access a steady stream of freelance profile writing gigs with attractive pay rates ranging from $70 to $120 per profile. However, keep in mind that success in this field requires genuine skill; you can only write something to make money. If you have a knack for speaking and writing the language of love, this could be the perfect job for you.

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20. Sell Your Photos

If you’re active on Instagram or Facebook, you have a knack for capturing appealing moments like stunning table settings or beach sunsets. Companies might be interested in purchasing your photos for use as stock images. Platforms such as Twenty20 offer $2 for each photo sold, providing a fast way to earn extra cash if you have a collection of quality images.

4 Platforms to Make Quick Money From Home

Survey Junkie

(credit: PR)

Taking online surveys offers a way to earn extra income during your free time. While it won’t make you rich, it can provide additional funds for bills or leisure activities. Survey Junkie, a reputable survey platform, allows you to participate in surveys at your convenience.

Survey Junkie, owned by DISQO, is an online community focused on market research, providing valuable data to the industry. With over 20 million members, Survey Junkie offers online surveys where participants can share their opinions in exchange for points, redeemable for cash or gift cards.

Survey Junkie is a trustworthy platform where you can earn cash or gift cards by completing surveys. It boasts positive ratings on Trustpilot (4.2/5 with over 44.6k reviews) and the Better Business Bureau (4.2/5 with over 1,450 reviews). While it won’t make you wealthy, Survey Junkie ensures a legitimate way to earn rewards without deception or scams.

How You Can Earn With Survey Junkie

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Branded Surveys

(credit: PR)

Businesses value the opinions of their customers and regularly conduct market research. By participating in surveys, individuals can influence various products, features, and significant business decisions while earning money.

Survey platforms offer opportunities to share opinions and earn rewards. Signing up, providing personal information, and completing surveys are the basic steps. Branded Surveys, formerly known as Mintvine, is one such platform.

Established in 2012, Branded Surveys offers a user-friendly website with a wide range of surveys and tasks for users to earn rewards. With a Trustpilot rating of 4.1 out of 5 based on over 85.7k customer reviews, Branded Surveys is recognized as a legitimate and reliable platform, appreciated for its abundance of survey options.

How You Can Earn on Branded Surveys

  • Completing Online Surveys: You can earn up to 300 points
  • Survey Streak: Earn up to an additional 300 points by taking multiple surveys in a week
  • Daily Polls: Earn 5 to 10 points by completing polls
  • Poll Streak: Earn 25 to 100 points by taking one poll daily for ten days in a row
  • Leaderboard Bonuses: Enjoy the Leaderboard to track points earned by other survey takers; the top 10 earn an extra 10 points

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(credit: PR)

KashKick operates as a “get paid to” (GPT) platform, providing cash rewards for completing different tasks. Similar to other GPT websites, KashKick earns revenue by linking users with brands.

Despite being relatively new, KashKick offers similar opportunities to established platforms. Users can engage in activities such as surveys, gaming, and cash-back offers upon registration. As a legitimate online rewards site, KashKick compensates users for completing tasks like surveys and gaming.

How You Can Earn on Kashkick

  • Online Surveys: Longer surveys offer higher pay
  • Reward Offers: Cashback offers range from $0.50 to $50
  • Referral Program: Earn 25% of your referral’s lifetime earnings
  • Payouts: Cash payments start at $10 in your KashKick account. Request a payment when you reach the threshold

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(credit: PR)

Founded in 2000, InboxDollars operates as a cash rewards platform. Since then, the company has experienced significant growth and now boasts millions of members worldwide. In 2019, Prodege, a large online entity that owns Swagbucks, ShopAtHome, and MyPoints, acquired InboxDollars.

InboxDollars provides various avenues for members to earn rewards, including completing surveys, playing games, watching advertisements, and viewing online videos. Members accumulate credits for each online activity and can request a cash payout once their account balance reaches $30.

Beyond surveys, InboxDollars offers multiple earning opportunities for members seeking to make extra money online. These opportunities include:

How You Can Earn on InboxDollars

  • Play Online Games: Earn real money and win gift cards by playing Solitaire or Mahjongg
  • Watch Videos: View sponsored content to earn cash in your InboxDollars account
  • Magic Receipts: Buy specific grocery deals, upload the receipt, and earn cash back
  • Online Shopping: Shop through associated links for commissions and earn a portion back
  • Reading Emails: Get paid for opening and reading messages
  • InboxDollars Search: Earn rewards by using their search engine instead of regular ones

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Other At-Home Jobs for Moms

The mentioned roles only cover some of the top opportunities for stay-at-home moms. There are numerous ways to earn money from home. Depending on your background, skills, expertise, and interests, you can discover ways to generate income that align with your talents.

For those interested in fashion or with a passion for clothing and style, platforms like Poshmark, Mercari, and eBay offer opportunities to earn money from home. Users sell clothing and other items online.

You can scout for bargains at local thrift stores and consignment shops, then resell them at a profit. If you possess crafting skills, creativity, or the ability to create printables, you can sell such items on Etsy.

How Can I Realistically Make Money as a Stay-At-Home Mom?

Stay-at-home parents have various options to earn money, including completing online surveys on Survey Junkie, doing freelance writing, dropshipping, or tutoring. They can also sell unwanted items on Facebook Marketplace or generate extra income with their crafts.

Is It Cheaper to Be a Stay-At-Home Mom?

Staying home allows you to care for your babies without having to pay for daycare. Many moms discover that being a stay-at-home mom is more affordable, and it’s not just because they no longer need daycare.

Bottom Line

In the upcoming years, significant changes are anticipated in the business environment, as observed. Numerous sectors acknowledge the importance of remote work. Ideally, larger corporations will offer more work-from-home opportunities.

Meanwhile, seizing existing opportunities or launching your online business is an excellent way to earn a living while staying home for your family.

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