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If you’ve given Bitcoin even a passing glance, then there’s little doubt that you’re wondering how to make money with Bitcoin. It’s not like any other currency in existence. For example, take the U.S. dollar (USD). Even though it doesn’t yield income like stocks do, one holds it hoping that they can sell it later down the road for more than what they paid for it originally, right? And if the value of the dollar declines significantly enough over a short period of time, there is an opportunity to profit by buying them while their value is low and selling them when their value appreciates again. Bitcoin Prime scam isn’t the truth. Bitcoins are a completely different animal altogether!

In this blog we will discuss some ways with the help of you to earn money with bitcoin.

1. Affiliate Program

As an affiliate, you can post your referral link on your website or blog to start referring to anyone who is interested in Bitcoins. When someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link, you will get commissions up to 10%. This method of earning money with Bitcoin has been around for ages now and many companies are using it as their main source of income. Some also pay you lifetime commissions which means that even if they close the program one day, you still get paid from all the referrals that have made a purchase through your link!

2. Start mining bitcoins

Bitcoin mining is nothing but solving complex mathematical problems which need a lot of computing power to solve. In return, the miner gets rewarded with bitcoins. Sometimes when you do this process for hours, days or maybe months continuously without stopping in between, you could get a few bucks worth in Bitcoin in your wallet. Doing this continuously can yield a significant amount in your bitcoin wallet in a year. There are many websites who offer free software’s(using which we mine bitcoins) and they pay us some commission on what we have mined using their software. Like if i spend 1$ by purchasing hashpower provided by certain site ,they will give me 0.01 btc as commission.

3. You can sell for BTCs

Of course you can. Just as you would offer dollars, …….


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