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Logic Solutions innovation is not limited to only social media and the online marketing space. The company and its founder have entered the booming NFT (non-fungible tokens) market. In this exclusive interview with the founder of Logic Solutions, Errol Chin we, he shares how can people utilize and make money with NFT’s in 2021 and how he is currently coming out with a new product which links his product to an NFT.

Before we begin let’s be clear about this one thing here’s what this interview is not about. It is not about throwing a bunch of doodles and trying to sell them online for either a ridiculous price. This is not about flipping NFTs. There are literally thousands of articles and videos that talk about that topic.

In this interview, you will discover how to utilize NFTs to add value to your audience and where the direction is headed especially if you are a course creator if you are a content creator, or if you are an influencer or marketer who wants to profit through what is that you are currently doing then you are going to in for a treat as Errol is going to share exactly the five things that you could be doing in order to profit from NFTs.

I am going to assume that you have a rough idea of what NFTs are?

NFTs are not just random art that is sold on different marketplaces that you can buy and sell and trade or people are trying to just flip it for higher profit.

I will be sharing with you; how do you have these NFTs and make sure you can utilize the smart contracts as well as the advanced features in order to add value to your audience.

Number one is about utilizing NFTs and bundling them with an existing offer that you already have. So, if you already have a course, training, or event then one of the things you can do is for anybody who wants to buy your NFTs you could include access to your events for maybe 2 years or 3 years.

Even though on the surface level it might appear to …….


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