I spent six figures becoming a doctor, now I make money thanks to Bitcoin – The Irish Sun

I spent six figures becoming a doctor, now I make money thanks to Bitcoin – The Irish Sun

A WOMAN has revealed how she has made more money selling Bitcoin and NFT’s than being a doctor.

The woman, who goes by the name juctyy online has revealed how she taught herself to trade and had made over £100k selling NFT’s online.


Juctyy shared how she made more money trading and selling NFT’s than what she would make as a doctorCredit: TikTok/@juctyy

The woman revealed she had taught herself what NFT’s are and how to trade them in less than a week.

On top of teaching herself about investing and trading, the young woman is still continuing her doctor’s degree.

In one video, she said: “You spend six years in medical school on your way to get a six-figure salary but then sell one NFT for £117k and make more than doctors make in a year.”

Users were curious as to how it worked and what NFT’s were and reached out to juctyy for advice.

NFT’s are non-fungible tokens, or a unit of data shared on a database that shows digital files like images, videos, and sound.

Each NFT has proof of ownership attached to it, the video can still be shared online as normal but the original data of the file can be owned by an individual.

NFT’s can be seen as selling digital art, people have purchased ‘viral videos’ to add to their art collection, the highest-selling NFT cost over £52 million.

The woman shared she buys her NFT’s on Opensea and creates a Metamask account, a cryptocurrency wallet.

She then buys cryptocurrency to pay for the NFT and says that’s all you need to get started.

She also offers some advice on what NFT’s are best to buy and she recommends looking out for game features, art people would genuinely buy, and making sure the company is transparent in who works there.

Some users seemed eager to try NFT trading but others seemed less keen, one wrote: “Ok but how did you make and sell one for 155k?”

Another user commented: “Thank you for the video!”


She has since shared how to get involved in trading and the best NFT’s to buyCredit: TikTok/@juctyy

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