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Gambling at the casino in GTA Online is one of the easiest ways to make a load of GTA $$$.

Much like in real life, however, gambling is a risky business. Players should keep in mind that the casino is capable of eating away their hard-earned bucks as it is of adding to the bank.

That said, this article explains how the casino is an excellent way to make money in GTA Online.

GTA Online: Is the casino worth the hype?

The infamous GTA Online casino boasts everything from track horse racing to roulette, allowing players to mint loads of GTA money without having to work their fingers to the bone.

On top of being extremely profitable, the casino is exceptionally entertaining, allowing players to have fun in the game world while doing something as supposedly boring as scaling the financial ladder.

If the player enjoys the diversity and does not mind a break from the crime-infested streets of Los Santos, they would undoubtedly find themselves drawn towards the casino. And it sure makes for one heck of a money-making machine in GTA Online.

Here are some of the most fun ways to make money at the GTA Online casino:

1) Blackjack

To play Blackjack in GTA Online, the player will need to invest in a $500 membership card. In theory, Blackjack sounds ridiculously simple, but it can be pretty challenging in practicality.

The player needs to get 21 points by adding up the numbers on the dealt cards. The players will lose if they go over 21 points. Blackjack is one of the most fun and lucrative ways to make money with the casino in GTA Online and is definitely a fan favorite.

2) Roulette

Roulette in GTA Online is not that different from roulette in real life. Players bet on odds, number sets, number pairings, reds, blacks, etc. Since the results are random, roulette is one of the riskiest games in the casino.

3) Inside Track

Horse racing is another risky but insanely fun way to make GTA$$$ in GTA Online casino. Players are required to randomly bet on completely random horses whose odds of winning can only be predicted by relying on one’s instinct.

These are three of the most fun and lucrative ways to make money in GTA Online. And, as the players might have guessed by now, the GTA Online casino is equal parts fun and risky, but that is where its beauty lies.



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