Live Nation failed Astroworld concertgoers in effort to ‘make money,’ attorney says: LIVE UPDATES – Fox News


Astroworld victims’ attorney slams Live Nation, says organizers will have to testify under oath

The attorneys representing over 100 Astroworld concertgoers said they are zeroing in on Live Nation and “all” organizers of the event, which resulted in nine dead and injured dozens more.

Attorney Alex Hilliard claimed at Friday’s press conference that the promotion company was focused more on profit than safety.

“It’s not rocket science for Live Nation. They’re the biggest billion-dollar promoter, organizer and advertiser of these festivals around the world and they acknowledge that there was a danger and a risk that people were going to get hurt in the plans for this festival. When that happens, the first step is to put an age limit on who can attend. You need extra security and personnel on-site. Then to allow every single age to come in the doors, to do what? To make money. That’s why they did it,” Hilliard said.

Hilliard added that it will take months to comb through evidence as the criminal investigation also takes place. The attorney said he and Crump “are not going to leave one stone unturned.”

“We will be taking depositions of the highest ranking executive officers that had the power to shut this concert down and didn’t. They’re going to have to testify under oath as to what their unimaginable reason was for not shutting it down when they knew that people were already dying. It had been declared a mass casualty event.”

Attorney Ben Crump added that the festival was a “disaster.” “Once and for all, everybody and anybody who had any responsibility for this festival should be held accountable,” Crump concluded.

In a statement shared with Fox News on Friday, Live Nation said: “We continue to support and assist local authorities in their ongoing investigation so that both the fans who attended and their families can get the answers they want and deserve, and we will address all legal matters at the appropriate time.”

Astroworld victims suing over Travis Scott’s concert describe ‘madness and mayhem’

Several of the 100 victims who are taking legal action over Travis Scott’s deadly Astroworld Festival spoke out about their experiences at a press conference Friday.

One concertgoer described herself as a mother-of-two who attended Scott’s performance last Friday. “The thing that stands out the most in my memory is I remember being crushed by human bodies all around me,” the concertgoer announced in front of her attorneys Ben Crump and Alex Hilliard.

The woman said she witnessed a woman near her having a seizure. She also raised concerns about not being able to leave the venue after managing to get out after …….


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