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In today’s gig economy, many people are looking for ways to make extra money online. Having multiple revenue streams can help you better manage your budget during times of high inflation — and give you added security in case of a recession.

You might be considering making money on YouTube as an additional revenue stream or even your primary income. But maybe you don’t like appearing on camera and don’t have video editing skills. The good news is you can still make money on YouTube without ever hitting record on your phone.

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How to Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos

You can make money on YouTube in a variety of ways that don’t involve creating original video content, appearing on-screen yourself or even posting a video. Sharing third-party content and building up enough of a following can earn you money through ad revenue as a YouTube partner. There are also other ways to earn money on YouTube, including becoming a YouTube consultant.

1. Making Money Through Content on YouTube

If you decide you want to post content on YouTube to make money, but don’t necessarily want to show your face on camera, you have plenty of avenues to choose from.

The first step to making money on YouTube is to set up a YouTube Brand account. A Brand account is free and lets you set up multiple channels, hide your email and choose a different name — so you can put your brand in the forefront instead of your own face, name and personality.

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Then, you’ll want to set up a channel based on the topic you’d like to focus on. Some of the most popular YouTube channels that don’t showcase people include the Meditation Mindfulness channel, a Daily Dose of Internet — which is a clip channel of funny and interesting videos from across the Internet — and many podcasts that are audio-only.

2. Curate Content from Other Places

Whether you decide to share funny animal videos, movie trailers or interesting and weird news, you can find people interested in your YouTube channel. The best part of curating content is that you don’t have to get behind — or in front of — a camera at all.

If you’re aggregating third-party content, however, make sure you have explicit permission or rights to share that content. Otherwise, you could …….


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