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The internet has generated many opportunities for creative people to get fame as well as make money online. In this era, writers, musicians, filmmakers, and other content creators can share their creative visions with an appreciative audience through various modes.

It has been reported that over 50 million people across the world might consider themselves to be content creators. Of these, 46.7 million think themselves to be amateurs, with over two million considering themselves to be professional creators, earning enough from their passion to consider it their full-time job.

Getting started with monetization does not have to be stressful. Users can go from live streaming to social gaming, to content commerce and the list of opportunities is only growing. 

If you are still wondering how to start making money from social media platforms, then here is all you need to know. We bring you the best social media platforms and how you can engage your customers accordingly to gain followers, and monetize the same.


As a next step, it’s imperative to think about monetizing YouTube videos at least once in their career. There are several ways to do it-  the most effective and common way is through YouTube Partner Program (YPP). It is an upgrade which allows the user to place advertisements on their YouTube videos and make money. Before applying to YPP, a user needs to have 1,000 subscribers, a total of 4,000 watch hours on the channel and abide by YouTube community guidelines. Eligible users can now turn on monetization for as many videos as possible on YouTube. Other ways of monetising your content on YouTube include brand deals, affiliate marketing, and YouTube live.


Twitch is a global live streaming platform focused on gamers that are best for follower interaction within your profile.  It is owned by Amazon and has become one of the best platforms for streaming. The platform currently has around 17.5 million daily active users.  The global app offers an extremely easy set-up with a flexible user interface and is compatible with almost all popular video streaming utilities. The simplest way of monetising content on Twitch is by Bits, which is a kind of currency used within the platform that users can use to get and send For each emoticon/bits sent, the creator of the emoticon receives an economic compensation, specifically $0.01.Users can also make money on the live gaming app through Amazon affiliates, subscriptions, and ads. 

Bolo Live

Bolo Live is claimed to be India’s largest video live streaming platform which focuses on democratizing monetization for every content creator by …….


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