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Rising through GTA Online’s criminal world isn’t all fun and games if players don’t make enough money from their illegal operations. There are numerous ways through which players can generate large sums of money and show off their expensive purchases.

Obviously, Shark Cards may be purchased at any time to deposit money into players’ virtual accounts in GTA Online. However, this article will shed more light on how players can make in-game money without burning a hole in their pockets in real life.

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GTA Online: 5 best ways of earning money fast in October 2021

5) Running a Nightclub

Although the Nightclub is certainly one of the most successful businesses in GTA Online, it does not generate much revenue on its own. The Nightclub’s underground warehouse is necessary to help generate a lot of money in GTA Online.

The Nightclub’s success is determined by its popularity meter, which can get quite complex to maintain and manage. It is only worthwhile to invest in the Nightclub if the player owns a majority of the other businesses in GTA Online.

4) VIP/CEO missions

Working as a VIP is a fast and easy method to earn money in GTA Online. Players will be able to access these tasks if they have become the CEO/VIP of an organization. VIP missions can be found in the interaction menu, which will allow them to participate in a variety of free-roam jobs.

3) Special/Vehicle Cargo missions

Players must steal and deliver vehicles to customers throughout Los Santos in order to complete vehicle cargo missions. They should remember to only supply higher-end cars since they’re the most profitable.

However, players must transport goods instead of cars in special cargo missions, which are otherwise identical to vehicle cargo missions. Both are equally profitable and require the acquisition of separate warehouses.

2) Bunker – Gunrunning operation

In GTA Online, conducting a gunrunning business from a Bunker may earn players around $52,000 per hour. For every 11.5 hours of in-game time spent by the player, the Bunker will bring in a total of $1,050,000 in earnings. Bunker owners just need to finish the sale mission and start receiving their profits.

1) Cayo Perico Heist

The Cayo Perico Heist has become the best method for getting rich quickly in GTA Online ever since it was introduced. Although the setup missions may take up a lot of time, there is a way to minimize …….


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