why I recommend affiliate marketing as a way for newbies to make money online? – Startup.info

why I recommend affiliate marketing as a way for newbies to make money online? – Startup.info

This article will explain what affiliate marketing is, how does it work and why is it so popular? And will also teach you how to get started with DHgate affiliate marketing with free step by step course for beginners.

What it is?

By definition, affiliate marketing is an advertising model that allows you to generate an income by promoting a company’s products or services through your affiliate links which are posted on your own marketing channels in exchange for a commission on each conversion.

In other words, with affiliate marketing you can get paid to promote a brand’s products or services online. You earn money once a customer buys that same product through your affiliate link.

Why Affiliate Marketing is the Best Way to Make Money for Beginners?

In affiliate marketing, you are acting as a seller and earning commission on any sales you make. In that way, you are just like the door-to-door salesmen who come around to sell you broadband.

  • No need to go out, just make money anywhere at your convenience.

The difference is that you aren’t going door to door. The internet is your door and this is a door that gives you access to everyone.

The other difference here is that the commission scheme is going to be highly different. Regular salesmen will normally get a small cut of whatever they sell: perhaps 5-10%. As mentioned, the difference with affiliate marketing, is that you’re going to get as much as 50% of the proceeds. That’s right: often as an affiliate marketer you are actually going to earn more than the creator of the product!

This is what makes affiliate marketing so hugely appealing: because it means that you can start earning just as though you were selling your own product, but without having to invest lots of money to create something from scratch.

What’s more, is that because you’ll be selling a product that is already out there, you can choose something that is already selling in big numbers. When you create your own product to sell, there is always a small risk that you’ll build something that no one wants.

When you simply market something that is highly popular, that becomes much less likely!

Another huge benefit of affiliate marketing is just how scalable it is. If you create a single web page selling the merits of an affiliate product, then you can start profiting from it within hours. In that case then, what is to stop you from making another page to sell another product? And another page …….

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