YouTube offers more ways to creators to make money on Shorts – Telugu Bullet


Short-video app Shorts which is created by youtube will be going to be a partner of the youtube partner program.

To make it easier for the customer, who is creating the shorts, who don’t qualify for the partner program, making money by tips, likes, subscriptions, and many more, youtube will start a program that will help users in simple ways.

The main motto of this special initiative is to give better monetization futures to customers better than our competitor’s Chinese app TikTok and we bring back designers and creators who are willing to make shorts on the app.

Youtube is monetizing Shorts through creator funds, online shopping, and tips, to date. Youtube has spent money around $100 million fund to users who were creating shorts last year.

With around 30 billion viewers, Youtube Shorts were being seen by across 1.5 billion registered customers on an average monthly.

In the digital app world, Google has adapted YouTube Shorts and given chance to get fast monetization on shorts to make customers happy in terms of making money and attracting viewers.

In July month, Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer at Alphabet,  Philipp Schindler, said, “customers are raising day-by-day definitely in the short-form video app even in another platform also.”

“Exiting with user engagement and good performance in the shorts in the app, We so very happy with all activities in the app”, Schindler said during a call with analysts.


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